Microsoft CSP is the key to your business transformation

With more of your customers moving data and workloads to the cloud, now is the time to transform your practice and seize your share of the cloud-services market.

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) gives you the power to sell Microsoft cloud solutions and bundle them with your unique value-added offers and services. Whether you become a one-stop IT shop or specialize based on your skillsets, resources, and customer requirements, this is your opportunity to tap into surging demand and chart the course for the future of your business—all on your terms.

 CloudFirst generates $10 in services for every $1 of Office 365 it sells.
Source: Microsoft Office 365 Partner Solution Case Study: CloudFirst, Microsoft, June 2015.

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Generate revenue by selling Microsoft cloud solutions alongside your value-added services, including deployment, migration, software customizations and custom apps, support, ongoing maintenance, and training.


Enroll in CSP

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Becoming an Indirect Reseller
Becoming a Direct Reseller
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Build Strong Relationships

Build strong relationships

You are the first point of contact and you remain at the center of every customer interaction. Leverage in-product tools to directly provision, manage, and support your customers as a delegated admin.

Own the billing

Provide your customers with a single bill for your tools, products, and services, and those from Microsoft. You control pricing, billing, and financing options—all on your terms.

Select your reseller model

Indirect reseller – If you prefer to gradually develop the systems, tools, and staff necessary to provide a high-quality customer experience, you can work with an authorized local indirect partner for help providing value-added services, support, and billing. We’ve partnered with key global distributors to help you prosper. Fill out the enrollment form to request more information.

Direct reseller – If you already have provisioning, migration, billing, and support capabilities in place or are willing to invest in building out your infrastructure, it might make sense for you work directly with Microsoft. To participate, you must be able to provide a first-rate customer experience. Fill out the enrollment form to request more information.